29 June 2010

not polite!

juz a short entry..
actually i juz want to comment on dressing of a host on live releases..
one of the guests is 'ustaz'..
n in my opinion the host's dressing is not suitable..
of course she know already that 'ustaz' we'll be the guest..
n if she know, she should wear a nice dressing..
i felt ashamed for the 'ustaz' because the host sat beside 'ustaz'..
(different chair-lah)
i think that the producer's show should warning first,
the host to wear a proper attire..
a whole MALAYSIA is watching ok?!

i hope that our MALAYSIA'S PRODUCER (MALAY + MUSLIM precisely) be more alert about their hosts attire.. MySpace

(pist2 : ignore kan grammar yg tunggang langgang..haha..sy xpandai english..ki3)

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